3 thoughts on “Classic zones forever shattered.

  1. Chris

    I’m actually a bit more excited about the changes to stats than the world changes. I don’t know the lore or the zones enough to fully get the implications of the changes, but the stats changes make it much simpler for newbies like me.

  2. Susan Post author

    Yah, the stats are sort of a double-edged sword, as far as I can tell. Much simpler, yes. Also much less interesting for people (like oh, say, Bryant) who enjoy the number-crunching, though I believe there’s always room in the game for folks to apply analytical skills to gear & skills & the like. Me, I’m with you.

    The big thing with the changed zones is that I admire any MMO willing to make a massive change to a persistent world. It sort of gets to me when allll my friends are off fighting Arthas, and my noob warrior is still in Elwynn Forest learning that hey, there are some masons doing some nasty ship-building in Westfall. I’m glad for any change that lets making all those new worgen and goblins and gnome priests a little different than it’s been for the past 5 years.

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