Monthly Archives: October 2009

A few pop culture notes.

FlashForward, you have exactly one night – tonight – in which to not suck.  We’re giving you this chance because we like Jack Davenport.  If you blow it tonight, if you spend half the show rehashing the last two shows, we’re done.

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6, you had it against Ryan from the start.  Yes, he danced stiffly.  Ding him on that.  Get rid of him, sure.  But the snarky “Maybe you spent too much time in the studio and not enough time practicing” (I paraphrase) was just egregious.  Yes, he helped get Evan a ton of votes.  But jeez.  Otherwise, I have to say I’m looking forward to the season – lotta great dancers out there!

Top Chef, I have stopped buying you on iTunes because the last three times I watched it were just the snarkiest things ever.  If I wanted to listen to an hour of guys giving opinions of themselves and other guys, I’d…you know, talk radio.  Something like that.  I’m in it for the cooking.

Fringe, you are smart to give me more Spock tonight.  Yay!

Criminal Minds, I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet.  But wow, I heard it was good.

Oh Jack Davenport, no!

So far, tonight’s FlashForward is nothing but leaden exposition.  Leaden.  Heavy, laden, dull.  I hope the show can swing back around; I like the cast, and it’s an interesting premise.  But omg, no one needs to say, “You know, we all saw something,” every five minutes.

That said, Fringe once again rocked.  I was pretty irritated at the beginning plot point for the season, and was worried it would just be a rehash of everything learned in the first season.  But instead they’ve ramped it up and kept it interesting, and now I’m completely looking forward to next week.  Plus, Olivia Dunham?  Badass.