In the grim fantasy MMO…

I admit it; I’m a serial MMOnogamist.  And that’s the last pun I’ll ever attempt in this blog.

I played Ultima Online and World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online at length.  I helped beta test Lineage II, I momentarily tried Everquest II and Age of Conan.  I likes me some high fantasy MMO, is what I’m saying.  And I have to say, I’m enjoying the hell out of Warhammer Online.

I did not think I would.  I’m not sure why; I like my fantasy dark and gritty, and WHO certainly fits the bill.  The capital city of Altdorf is ginormous and messed up:  decaying slums with corpses lying about, docks swarming with foreign merchants and ogre bodyguards, a nobles’ quarter where everything goes on as usual, la la la.  It’s very grim and detailed and Everything Is About The War, and I like it very much.

PvP is, of course, the raison d’etre.  And here are things I like:  you go into a realm-vs-realm (RvR) zone, and you’re flagged.  Everything you touch, you get some sort of credit for, whether you’re in a party, warband, or just running around solo.  Your pvp score (renown) is useful even at  extremely low ranks (levels).  There are lots and lots of objectives to take, things move quickly, yada yada. And, oh happy day, you level during RvR; it isn’t just a big time-out from leveling.  You get xp from killing other players.

I don’t know squat all about the classes or roles or careers yet.  I’m currently playing a human Witch Hunter and having a ball – I wear Solomon Kane type clothes, I have a pistol and a rapier, and I go around proclaiming things – very sexy (and I’m not being ironic; those who know me will get this).

It isn’t as seamless as WoW.  It isn’t the gorgeous Tolkien lore of LOTRO.  But as a time sink while I wait to hear whether or not my house has sold, it’s a blast.  Oh, and Mythic has a beta open right now for those of you who use Macs.  Recommended for at least the 10-day free trial.

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