Monthly Archives: December 2009


This recipe for sausage bread pudding is faaaar better than the last one Bryant and I tried. It’s chicken sausage rather than chorizo, so the texture is far more restrained. And I substituted like crazy: spicy andouille chicken sausage instead of quasi-Mediterranean, spinach instead of arugula, leftover brussels sprouts instead of artichoke hearts.  But the texture was right – crusty cheddar cheese over custardy vegetables and bread and meat, and we devoured the thing.  Muuuch better than the viscerally disturbing chorizo-bomb we tried a while back.

Also, I have now made lasanga, and it did not suck.  I’ve become a huge fan of recipes out of Eating Well magazine; they seem to really straddle the line between “sorta healthy” and “ugh it’s made entirely out of tempeh and will suck.”  I’ll never subscribe to the magazine; I don’t like constant constant diet articles.  But I recommend their recipes.  Yum.